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Eye Drops For Pharma Franchise

Eye Drops For Pharma Franchise – Want the best eye drop formulations? Looking for genuine pharma franchise? Do you want quality eye drops for the franchise? Sunwin Healthcare is a reputed and an esteemed ISO 9001:2008 certified Pharma Franchise Company. Our company deals in a wide range of eye drop formulation. We are offering eye drops for pharma franchise in all the parts of India. All the drops made especially for eyes are made from high-quality ingredients offering good effectiveness.

Sunwin Healthcare is a Chandigarh based Pharma Company which is involved in research, development, production, manufacturing and trading of generic and branded eye drops. We offer quality eye drops for pharma franchise and PCD business to all clients. Our range of eye drops includes dry eye drops, Glaucoma Eye Drops, Eye drops for pink eyes and allergies etc. All the products that are being offered are certified with FSSAI, FDA and DCGI. We have kept a good care of the purity, stability, effectiveness and durability of formulations.

High-Quality Eye Drop Formulations At Sunwin Healthcare

Eye drops at Sunwin Healthcare can be found in a range of Over The Counter (OTC), Prescribed format. The formulations consist of ayurvedic, homeopathic as well as allopathic eye drops. These all are available for pharma franchise in all the parts of India. The ingredients that are used to make these drops have been derived from trusted vendors of the market. The composition and stability of eye drops have been carefully examined and checked. They contain least side effect and are safe for usage.

Here is a list of the range of eye drops that Sunwin Healthcare offer:

  1. Drops For Pink eye Or Conjunctivitis.
  2. Eye Drops For Allergies
  3. Glaucoma Eye Drops
  4. Much more
  5. Mydriatic Eye Drops.
  6. Steroid and Antibiotic eye drops for Infections and Post & Pre Surgeries.

Here is a list of eye drops formulations owned by Sunwin Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. All the formulations are available for pharma franchise in all the parts of India.

  • C-C DROP

There are more to the list and many are on the way to be launched. Sunwin Healthcare offers best quality eye drops for pharma franchise.

Why Choose Us?

Sunwin Healthcare is an esteemed Pharma Franchise and is one of the fastest growing companies. We hold a good goodwill and stable turnover. We hold an identity of being quality oriented who do not believe in lean practices. Here are the benefits of being our pharma franchise member in different parts of India:

  • Monopoly rights.
  • Clarified terms and conditions.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Long term deals are assured.
  • Excise duty-free manufacturing.

Our company, Sunwin Healthcare is involved in PCD pharma franchise, pharma franchise and pharma manufacturing services of eye drops. If you are company or individual looking for genuine and quality pharma franchise can contact us. Call us now at +91-9988249935 for more information or any kind of query regarding our pharma services or you can email us at